IS18RS-65X150, Insul flat blade screwdri

PartNumber: IS18RS-65X150
Ном. номер: 8066001649
Производитель: Sibille
IS18RS-65X150, Insul flat blade screwdri
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Sibille 'Orange' ESI 26-3 safety screwdrivers
These tools are insulated, marked and tested in accordance with the UK Electricity Supply Industry standard ESI 26-3 issue 2 1984., They also conform to the requirements of IEC 78 (draft document), EDF: ST specification technique No. 1 (France), VDE 0680//2 Part II (Germany) and B.S. 2559 Pt 3: 1973 (UK).

Designed to protect the user during live working, accidental contact or 'flashover' when working on or adjacent to energised systems, and guaranteed up to 1000V
Insulation tested to a minimum of 10kV, 50 Hz for 3 minutes

1000V Electricians


Технические параметры

полировка лезвия
Black Oxidized
длина лезвия
150 mm
размер наконечника
6.5 mm
Тип кончика
VDE/1000V Approved
Screwdriver Type

Дополнительная информация

NF 22054-22120 IS18RS-65X150