J01002A1940, BNC straight pressure 75o

PartNumber: J01002A1940
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Производитель: Binder
J01002A1940, BNC straight pressure 75o
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Telegartner BNC Straight Plug RF Coaxial Connector, 75 Ohm
BNC straight plug RF coaxial connectors with a 75Ω impedance which can be used up to 4 GHz. These BNC straight plug RF coaxial connectors have a nickel plated brass finish, a bayonet coupling mechanism and an IP54 rated sealing when mated with jacks.
Stock number 777-0595 is a cable clamp BNC plug connector with a pressure sleeve and can be used with the following cables: RG-11A/U, RG-216/U
Stock number 777-0608 is a standard crimp/crimp BNC plug connector and can be used with the following cables: RG 62A/U

IEC 61 169-8

Telegärtner BNC RF Connectors

Crimp tooling
Cable TypeCable GroupUse crimp tools(s)
RG58A 456-431, 453-870, 848-391 / 848-436
RG59F 456-431, 453-870, 848-391 / 848-436
RG62F 456-431, 453-870, 848-391 / 848-436
RG174B 848-391 / 282-3502
RG179E 848-391 / 282-3502
RG223C 456-431, 453-870, 848-391 / 848-436
PSF1/3R 456-431, 453-870, 848-391 / 848-436

Working voltage500V maxCentre contactGold plated brass
Proof voltage1.5kVMating cycles1000
Insulation resistance5GΩClimatic characteristics40/155/21
Frequency rangedc to 4GHzContact resistance20mΩ
Outer conductor resistance5mΩ


Технические параметры

покрытие (металлизация) корпуса
тип кабеля
RG11 A/U, RG216/U
материал контактов
Beryllium Copper, Copper Nickel Lead Alloy, Copper Zinc Lead Alloy
покрытие контактов
Copper Nickel Gold Alloy, Nickel over Copper
тип монтажа
Cable Mount
рабочая частота
способ концевой заделки
Clamp, Crimp
Body Orientation

Дополнительная информация

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