K2-PVKITY, Terminal Kit Box with Cab

PartNumber: K2-PVKITY
Ном. номер: 8066271721
Производитель: Panduit
K2-PVKITY, Terminal Kit Box with Cab
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KP Insulated Crimp Terminal Kits
Panduit KP insulated crimp terminal kits are ideal for maintenance and construction wiring. Supplied in a plastic case with a positive latch to prevent accidental opening, a storage hanging tab and terminal size guide.

Panduit Insulated Crimp Terminals


Технические параметры

Terminal Kit
содержание комплекта
(1) K-1001 Steel Kit Box, (1) CT-260 Installation Tool, (100) PLT2S Cable Ties, (100) PV18-8F Fork Terminals, (100) PV18-6LF Locking Fork Terminals, (100) PV14-8LF Locking Fork Terminals, (50) PV10-10LF Locking Fork Terminals, (100) PV18-610R Multi-Stud Terminals, (100) PV14-10R Ring Terminals, (50) PV10-10R Ring Terminals, (100) DNF18-250 Disconnects, (100) DV14-250B Disconnects, (50) DV10-250 Disconnects, (50) BSV18X Butt Splices, (50) BSV14X Butt Splices, (25) BSV10X Butt Splices, (30) JN224-318 Wire Joints, (15) JN314-412 Wire Joints, and (1) PMD-0-9 Marking Dispenser and Tape

Дополнительная информация

Datasheet K2-PVKITY