K3086 WHI, White Fused Conn Unit - N

PartNumber: K3086 WHI
Ном. номер: 8043647757
Производитель: MK Electric
K3086 WHI, White Fused Conn Unit - N
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13A Fused Connection Units

Tough and impact resistant
Backed out terminal screws
Clear terminal markings
Double Pole switching
Stylish design
Finish is corrosion and scratch resistant
Mounting boxes not supplied

MK White Metalclad Plus
A comprehensive range of tough, impact resistant, surface mounted wiring devices. The products have been designed to suit a wide variety of applications in factories, workshops, plant rooms, warehouses, schools and hospitals as well as being ideal around the home in garages and sheds.

Outer casing is manufactured from tough mild steel with a scratch resistant paint finish
3-pin operated safety shutter on all sockets
Easy to install *Double pole switches on all products
Neutral contact makes first and breaks last for added safety
Minimum 3mm contact gap for safety switch isolation
Fuse carrier can be padlocked in open position for safe maintenance
Can be flush or surface mounted

Fuses, Sockets & Circuit Breakers

Технические параметры

номинальный ток
Размеры, Д х Ш х Г
86 x 86 x 47mm
тип предохранителя
BS 1362
Способ монтажа
Surface Mount
число бригад
число полюсов
Earth Terminal

Дополнительная информация

Metalclad Plus Catalogue K3086 WHI