KAF20AR1000, Stainless Lead Screw 20 X

PartNumber: KAF20AR1000
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Производитель: CONTI
KAF20AR1000, Stainless Lead Screw 20 X
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Lead Screw - Stainless Steel
Trapezoidal, rolled thread forms are highly suitable for applications with high loads or requiring high accuracy. Rolled, stainless steel (AISI 316) construction gives excellent hardness and surface finish, giving a superior coefficient of friction and increasing the life of the lead screw nut when compared to machined threads. A lead angle of less than 5° makes these lead screws self locking and reduces the torque required. Stronger and harder wearing than the equivalent square thread form lead screw trapezoidal power screws can be found in a variety of applications including lathes, milling equipment, electric linear and measuring systems.
For harsher environments stainless steel lead screws are an excellent choice able to cope with salt water immersion, high temperature environments and where exposure to higher temperatures is likely to be experienced.

Precision rolled stainless steel threads
0.2mm per 300mm lead accuracy
1.5mm per 300mm straightness
Right hand thread

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