KIT NH 2:1, LS0H flame retardant heat

PartNumber: KIT NH 2:1
Ном. номер: 8006281023
Производитель: Sumitomo Electric Fine
KIT NH 2:1, LS0H flame retardant heat
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LUL Compliant Zero Halogen Heatshrink Tubing Kit 2: 1
Zero Halogen Heatshrink that exceeds the requirements of London Underground and the MOD and is recommended where fire safety is of prime importance. Areas such as public buildings, public transport, underground rail systems, submarines, hospitals and airports, etc.

Highly flame retardant with a flame temperature index of over 350°C
Totally halogen free
Very low smoke, meets LUL requirements
No Toxic fume emission
High oxygen index, over 40%
Ideal for use in insulation, cable protection, cable identification, and encapsulation on connectors
Used as a cover to up-grade cable to meet full fire safety standards

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Kit Contents
ColoursDia. (mm)Length (mm)Qty (pcs)
Black, Red, Yellow, Blue & White2.41004 of each colour
Black, Red, Yellow, Blue & White3.21804 of each colour
Black, Red, Yellow, Blue & White4.82503 of each colour
Black, Red, Yellow, Blue & White6.42502 of each colour
Black, Red, Yellow, Blue & White9.52001 of each colour
Black, Red & Blue12.71402, 1 & 1

E 1042-A6-March 2002, IEC 60684-3-216 type C, DEF Stan. 59-97 issue3 Type 8, BS3G 198 part 3 type 15

Наборы RNF100

Cables & Wires

Технические параметры

Black, Blue, Green/Yellow, Red, White
коэффициент усадки
2: 1
Sleeve Diameter
12.7 mm, 2.4 mm, 3.2 mm, 4.8 mm, 6.4 mm, 9.5 mm
Sleeve Length
10 cm, 14 cm, 18 cm, 20 cm, 25 cm
Sleeve Type
Heat Shrink