KSQC480D60-C, 60A Panel 3pH SCR SSR 10-

PartNumber: KSQC480D60-C
Ном. номер: 8072240863
Производитель: Kudom
KSQC480D60-C, 60A Panel 3pH SCR SSR 10-
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KSQC Series 3-Phase SSR
Kudom KSQC series smart 3 phase AC output solid state relay with internal MCU control unit that provides over temperature, SCR fault, load disconnection and phase-lack detection. KSQC relays have a control voltage of 10 V dc to 32 V dc with load currents at 25A, 40A, 60A or 80A available. Wide load voltage range of 48 V ac to 660 V ac. Featuring an alarm contact option and LED indication.

Zero Voltage Switching Zero Voltage Relays

Temperature can affect current rating; please consult the data sheet for potential derating.


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Datasheet KSQC480D60-C