L4971, Импульсный понижающий регулятор напряжения, 1.5А, 3.3В…50В, [DIP-8]

Артикул: L4971
Ном. номер: 84109012
Производитель: ST Microelectronics
Фото 1/2 L4971, Импульсный понижающий регулятор напряжения, 1.5А, 3.3В…50В, [DIP-8]
Фото 2/2 L4971, Импульсный понижающий регулятор напряжения, 1.5А, 3.3В…50В, [DIP-8]
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The L4971 is a step-down monolithic power Switching Regulator delivering 1.5A at a voltage between 3.3 and 50V (selected by a simple external divider). Realized in BCD mixed technology, the device uses an internal power D-MOS transistor (with a typical Rdson of 0.25R) to obtain very high efficiency and high switching speed. A switching frequency up to 300kHz is achievable. A wide input voltage range between 8 to 55V and output voltages regulated from 3.3 to 50V cover the majority of today's applications. Features of this new generation of DC-to-DC converter include pulse-by-pulse current limit, hiccup mode for short-circuit protection, voltage feed-forward regulation, soft-start, protection against feedback loop disconnection, inhibit for zero current consumption and thermal shutdown.

• Protection against feedback disconnection
• Inhibit for zero current consumption
• Soft-start function
• Zero load current operation
• Precise 3.3V (±1%) internal reference voltage
• Internal current limiting (pulse-by pulse and hiccup mode)

Технические параметры

Максимальный ток нагрузки, А
Диапазон допустимых входных напряжений, В
Выходное напряжение, В

Техническая документация

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Datasheet L4971
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