L6699DTR, Special Function IC, Resonant Controller, 8.85 V to 16 V in, NSOIC-16

PartNumber: L6699DTR
Ном. номер: 8038369501
Производитель: ST Microelectronics
L6699DTR, Special Function IC, Resonant Controller, 8.85 V to 16 V in, NSOIC-16
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The L6699DTR is a double-ended enhanced high voltage Resonant Controller specific to series-resonant half bridge topology. Both LLC and LCC configurations are supported. It provides symmetrical complementary duty cycle: the high-side switch and the low-side switch are driven ON/OFF 180° out-of phase for exactly the same time. Output voltage regulation is obtained by modulating the operating frequency. The dead-time inserted between the turn-OFF of one switch and the turn-ON of the other one is automatically adjusted to best fit the transition times of the half bridge midpoint. To drive the high-side switch with the bootstrap approach, the IC incorporates a high voltage floating structure able to withstand more than 600V with a synchronous-driven high voltage DMOS that replaces the external fast-recovery bootstrap diode. The IC enables the user to set the operating frequency range of the converter by means of a high-accuracy externally programmable oscillator.

• Symmetrical duty cycle, variable frequency control of resonant half bridge
• Self-adjusting adaptive deadtime
• High-accuracy oscillator
• 2-level OCP - Frequency-shift and immediate shutdown
• Interface with PFC controller
• Anti-capacitive-mode protection
• Burst-mode operation at light load
• Input for brownout protection or power-on/off sequencing
• "Safe-start" procedure prevents hard switching at startup
• 600V - Rail compatible high-side gate driver with integrated bootstrap diode and high dv/dt immunity
• -300/800mA high-side and low-side gate drivers with UVLO pull-down

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Datasheet L6699DTR