LAGE125/WA2, SKF Automatic Bearing Lub

PartNumber: LAGE125/WA2
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Производитель: SKF
LAGE125/WA2, SKF Automatic Bearing Lub
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Auto Lubrication LAGE 125 and 250
SKF SYSTEM 24 series offer reliable electro-mechanical automatic lubricators that can be used straight from the box. The automatic lubricators are easy to install and offer a constant discharge pressure of 5 bar over the entire lubricant discharge period, and may be set to dispense over 1, 3, 6, 9 or 12 months. The dispense rate of the automatic lubricators is not affected by changes in ambient temperature. Lubricators may be installed remotely from the bearing; up to 3m away for grease-filled units, and 5m for oil-filled units.

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SKF SYSTEM 24 Single point automatic lubricator LAGE 125 and LAGE 250 Data Sheet LAGE125/WA2