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LKM 456, Room sensor for temperatu

PartNumber: LKM 456
Ном. номер: 8000105878
Производитель: Electrotherm
LKM 456, Room sensor for temperatu
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LKM455/456 Outdoor Temperature & Humidity Sensor
LKM 455 / 456 temperature and humidity sensors are low-cost option with and integrated measuring transducer including two voltage / current outputs. The sensor measures temperature and humidity values internally plus in buildings, plants and switch cabinets. The LKM 455 and 456 can be directly connected to an evaluation unit with voltage output such as PC-cards or PLCs. The temperature and humidity sensors typical accuracy of +/-0.5°C and 3% relative humidity. The sensor is delivered fully calibrated. Two controllers are provided for carrying out minor on-site corrections. The design of these sensors is suitable for being used in enclosed spaces and outdoor areas. When mounting the KLM 455 and 456 attention must be paid to position the sensors correctly. The temperature and humidity sensors have a protection class IP64 and a measuring range of –20 to 80°C for the temperature, and 0 to 100% for relative humidity. Users have the capacity to switch over to a temperature range of 0 to 50°C.

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