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Ном. номер: 54587
Производитель: Texas Instruments
Фото 1/2 LM2931CT
Фото 2/2 LM2931CT
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The LM2931CT/NOPB is a low-dropout Positive Voltage Regulator features a very low quiescent current of 1mA or less when supplying 10mA loads. This unique characteristic and the extremely low input-output differential required for proper regulation make this ideal regulator for standby power systems. Applications include memory standby circuits, CMOS and other low power processor power supplies as well as systems demanding as much as 100mA output current. Designed originally for automotive applications, all regulated circuitry are protected from reverse battery installations or 2 battery jumps. During line transients, such as a load dump when the input voltage to the regulator can momentarily exceed the specified maximum operating voltage, the regulator will automatically shut down to protect both internal circuits and the load. It cannot be harmed by temporary mirror-image insertion. Familiar regulator features such as short circuit and thermal overload protection are also provided.

• Reverse battery protection
• Short circuit protection
• Internal thermal overload protection
• Mirror image insertion protection
• Adjustable with TTL compatible switch
• Input-output differential less than 0.6V
• 60V Load dump protection
• -50V Reverse transient protection
• Green product and no Sb/Br

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