LM5575MH, Импульсный понижающий DC-DC стабилизатор, регулируемый, 6В-75В (Vin), 1.225В-70В, 1.5А, HTSSOP-16

PartNumber: LM5575MH
Ном. номер: 8095918766
Производитель: Texas Instruments
LM5575MH, Импульсный понижающий DC-DC стабилизатор, регулируемый, 6В-75В (Vin), 1.225В-70В, 1.5А, HTSSOP-16
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The LM5575MH is a SIMPLE SWITCHER® 1.5A Wide Vin Step-down Regulator which allows design engineers to design and optimize a robust power supply using a minimum set of components. Operating with an input voltage range of 6 to 75V, the LM5575 delivers 1.5A of continuous output current with an integrated 330mR N-channel MOSFET. The regulator utilizes an Emulated Current Mode architecture which provides inherent line regulation, tight load transient response and ease of loop compensation without the usual limitation of low-duty cycles associated with current mode regulators. The operating frequency is adjustable from 50kHz to 500kHz to allow optimization of size and efficiency. To reduce EMI, a frequency synchronization pin allows multiple IC's from this family to self-synchronize or to synchronize to an external clock. The LM5575 ensures robustness with cycle-by-cycle current limit, short-circuit protection, thermal shut-down and remote shut-down.

• Master or slave frequency synchronization
• Adjustable soft-start
• Emulated current mode control architecture
• Wide bandwidth error amplifier
• Built-in protection
• 1.5% Feedback reference accuracy

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Корпус ИС DC / DC Преобразователя

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Datasheet LM5575MH