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LMT01LPG, Датчик температуры

Ном. номер: 9000299094
Артикул: LMT01LPG
Производитель: Texas Instruments
LMT01LPG, Датчик температуры
200 руб.
238 шт. со склада г.Москва,
срок 5 рабочих дней
от 11 шт. — 170 руб.
от 21 шт. — 153 руб.
Мин. кол-во для заказа 4 шт.
Добавить в корзину 4 шт. на сумму 800 руб.
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Remote & Local Temperature Sensors
Texas Instrument's range of remote & local temperature sensors measure their own temperature and that of one or more external devices. Examples of external devices could be <B>thermal diodes</B> contained within microcontrollers, microprocessors or FPGAs, or <B>diode-connected transistors</B>.<BR/><BR/>The remote & local temperature sensors have <B>extra features</B> to enhance temperature measurement such as beta compensation, series resistance cancellation, programmable non-ideality factor, programmable resolution, programmable threshold limits, minimum and maximum temperature monitors, diode fault detection and a temperature alert function.<BR/><BR/><B>Applications</B> that are suitable for remote & local temperature sensor usage include telecommunications and network infrastructure, thermal management within computer systems, electronic test equipment, office electronics, industrial and medical equipment and LCD/DLP®/LCOS projectors.

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