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LP2992AIM5-1.5/NOPB SOT23

Ном. номер: 180822168
PartNumber: LP2992AIM5-1.5/NOPB
Производитель: National Semiconductor
LP2992AIM5-1.5/NOPB SOT23
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The LP2992AIM5-1.5/NOPB is a 1.5V fixed output Linear Regulator designed to provide ultralow-dropout (LDO) and low noise in battery-powered applications. Using an optimized vertically integrated PNP (VIP) process, the device delivers unequaled performance in all specifications critical to battery-powered designs. Dropout voltage - typically 450mV at 250mA load and 5mV at 1mA load. Ground pin current - typically 1500µA at 250mA load and 75µA at 1mA load. Enhanced stability - the device is stable with output capacitor equivalent series resistance (ESR) as low as 5mR which allows the use of ceramic capacitors on the output. Sleep mode - less than 1µA quiescent current when ON/OFF pin is pulled low. Low noise - by adding a 10nF bypass capacitor, output noise can be reduced to 30µV (typical).

• Ultralow-dropout voltage
• Requires minimum external components
• Stable with low-ESR output capacitor
• Low ground pin current at all loads
• 1% Output voltage accuracy
• High peak current capability
• 0.3R Low ZOUT (10Hz to 1MHz)
• Overtemperature and overcurrent protection
• Green product and no Sb/Br

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