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LPC4078FBD144,551, Микроконтроллер 32 бита, ARM Cortex-M4, 120 МГц, 512 КБ FLASH [LQFP-144]

Ном. номер: 9000436184
Артикул: LPC4078FBD144,551
Производитель: NXP Semiconductor
LPC4078FBD144,551, Микроконтроллер 32 бита, ARM Cortex-M4, 120 МГц, 512 КБ FLASH [LQFP-144]
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The LPC4078FBD144.551 is a 32-bit Microcontroller based on ARM Cortex-M4 operates at a maximum frequency of 120MHz. The ARM Cortex-M4 CPU incorporates a 3-stage pipeline, uses a Harvard architecture with separate local instruction and data buses as well as a third bus for peripherals and includes an internal prefetch unit that supports speculative branching. The ARM Cortex-M4 supports single-cycle digital signal processing and SIMD instructions. A hardware floating-point processor is integrated in the core for several versions of the part. The device incorporates 512kB internal flash, 96kB internal RAM, 4kB EEPROM, one USB Device/Host/OTG, 8-channel 12-bit A/D converter, 10-bit D/A converter, a comparator and 109 general-purpose I/O pins. This device also features peripherals like five UARTs, three inter-integrated circuit (I2C), three serial peripheral interface (SPI) modules and one integrated interchip sound (I2S).

• ARM Cortex-M4 built-in MPU supporting eight regions
• ARM Cortex-M4 built-in nested vectored interrupt controller (NVIC)
• Non-maskable Interrupt (NMI) input
• Hardware floating-point unit
• JTAG and serial wire debug (SWD), serial trace, eight breakpoints and four watch points
• System tick timer
• Multilayer AHB matrix interconnect
• Split APB bus allows for higher throughput with fewer stalls between the CPU and DMA
• Embedded trace macrocell (ETM) module supports real-time trace
• Boundary scan for simplified board testing
• LCD controller - Supporting both STN and TFT
• External memory controller (EMC)
• Eight channel general purpose DMA controller (GPDMA)
• Quad SPI flash interface (SPIFI)
• Ethernet MAC with MII/RMII interface and associated DMA controller
• USB 2.0 full-speed dual port device/host/OTG controller
• CAN controller with two channels
• SD/MMC memory card interface
• Four reduced power modes - Sleep, deep-sleep, power-down and deep power-down
• The wake-up interrupt controller (WIC)

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Datasheet LPC4078FBD144,551

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