LQH32PN6R8NNCL, Fixed Inductor, SMD, 6.8u

PartNumber: LQH32PN6R8NNCL
Ном. номер: 8026182467
Производитель: Murata Manufacturing
LQH32PN6R8NNCL, Fixed Inductor, SMD, 6.8u
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LQH32PN Series SMD Chip Inductors
Murata LQH Series wire wound chip inductors include a copper wire which is wound around the ferrite core. Most of the LQH series chip inductors are coated with various resins over the ferrite core, this coating improves the strength of the inductor. These wire wound chip inductors can be used for high inductance values and are ideal for power supply booster circuits. RoHS compliant.

Murata Non Standard SMT Inductors (Chokes)

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Murata LQH32PN6R8NNCL Inductor Datasheet LQH32PN6R8NNCL