LT1172CT#PBF, Sw. Regulator 1.25A Effic

PartNumber: LT1172CT#PBF
Ном. номер: 8003751797
Производитель: Linear Technology
LT1172CT#PBF, Sw. Regulator 1.25A Effic
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Step-Up (Boost) Regulators, Internal Power Switch Boost, Linear Technology
Linear Technology presents step-up (boost) switching regulators with both synchronous and non-synchronous internal switches. The high efficient DC-DC converters have a wide range of input voltages and switching frequencies. Some products feature unique properties that can help increase battery run time in handheld devices or even be managed in a range of switching configurations. Typical applications would be power inverters, fully floating multiple outputs and 5V logic supplies.

Switching Voltage Regulators - Linear Technology
Linear Technology product series of synchronous and non-synchronous internal switching regulator ICs offer high efficiency plus a wide input voltage range and switching frequencies up to 4MHz.
The controllers span over several types of configurations from buck (step-down), boost (step-up), buck-boost, forward, Isolated, Inverting and flyback controllers. The Flyback, Forward and Isolated Controllers primary and secondary side provide a solution to help replace the DC/DC bricks that get used in back-plane power conversion.


Технические параметры

10.541 x 4.572 x 15.748mm
регулирование в линии
0.03 %/V
максимальное входное напряжение
60 V
Maximum Operating Temperature
+100 °C
Minimum Input Voltage
3 V
Minimum Operating Temperature
0 °C
Package Type
Pin Count
Switching Regulator
максимальный выходной ток
Maximum Output Voltage
65 V
максимальная частота переключения
115 kHz
Regulator Function
Boost/Buck Controller, Cuk, Flyback, Forward, Inverting
Minimum Output Voltage
1.24 V
Mounting Type
Through Hole
число выходов

Дополнительная информация

LT1170/LT1171/LT1172, 100kHz, 5A, 2.5A and 1.25A High Efficiency Switching Regulators Data Sheet LT1172CT#PBF