LT1308BIS8#PBF, Импульсный повышающий DC-DC стабилизатор, регулируемый, 1В-10В (Vin), 2A выход, 600кГц, SOIC-8

PartNumber: LT1308BIS8#PBF
Ном. номер: 8002870511
Производитель: Linear Technology
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The LT1308BIS8#PBF is a micropower fixed frequency step-up DC-to-DC Converter operate over a 1 to 10V input voltage range. It is improved versions of the LT1308 and is recommended for use in new designs. It features continuous switching at light loads and operates at a quiescent current of 2.5mA. Low-battery detector accuracy is significantly tighter than the LT1308. The 200mV reference is specified at ±2% at room and ±3% over temperature. The shutdown pin enables the device when it is tied to a 1V or higher source and does not need to be tied to VIN as on the LT1308. An internal VC clamp results in improved transient response and the switch voltage rating has been increased to 36V, enabling higher output voltage applications.

• Starts into heavy loads
• Pin-for-pin upgrade compatible with LT1308
• 5V at 1A from a single Li-ion cell
• 5V at 800mA in SEPIC mode from four NiCd cells
• 300mV at 2A Low VCESAT switch
• 1µA Maximum low quiescent current in shutdown

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Корпус ИС DC / DC Преобразователя

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Datasheet LT1308BIS8#PBF