LT1373IS8#PBF, DC-DC импульсный повышающий, обратноходовой, инвертирующий, 2.4В-25В (Vin), 1.24В-35В, 1.5А,SOIC-8

PartNumber: LT1373IS8#PBF
Ном. номер: 8068725399
Производитель: Linear Technology
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The LT1373IS8#PBF is a low supply current high frequency current-mode Switching Regulator for use with boost regulators. It can be operated in all standard switching configurations including boost, buck, flyback, forward, inverting and Cuk. A 1.5A high efficiency switch is included on the die, along with all oscillator, control and protection circuitry. The LT1373 switches at 250kHz, typically consumes only 1mA and has higher efficiency. High frequency switching allows for small inductors to be used. All surface mount components consume less than 0.6 square inch of board space. New design techniques increase flexibility and maintain ease of use. Switching is easily synchronized to an external logic level source. A logic low on the shutdown pin reduces supply current to 12µA. Unique error amplifier circuitry can regulate positive or negative output voltage while maintaining simple frequency compensation techniques.

• Nonlinear error amplifier transconductance reduces output overshoot on start-up or overload recovery
• Oscillator frequency shifting protects external components during overload conditions
• All surface mount components
• Constant frequency current mode
• Regulates positive or negative outputs
• Easy external synchronization
• 15µH Uses small inductors

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Datasheet LT1373IS8#PBF