LTC1235CSW#PBF, Устройство контроля, 4.75В-5.5В питание, 4.65В, 200мс, активный высокий/низкий, SOIC-16

PartNumber: LTC1235CSW#PBF
Ном. номер: 8065183887
Производитель: Linear Technology
LTC1235CSW#PBF, Устройство контроля, 4.75В-5.5В питание, 4.65В, 200мс, активный высокий/низкий, SOIC-16
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The LTC1235CSW#PBF is a Microprocessor Supervisory Circuit provides complete power supply monitoring and battery control functions for microprocessor reset, battery backup, RAM write protection, power failure warning and watchdog timing. The LTC1235 has all the LTC695 features plus conditional battery backup and external reset control. When an out-of-tolerance power supply condition occurs, the reset outputs are forced to active states and the chip enable output write-protects external memory. The RESET output is guaranteed to remain logic low with VCC as low as 1V. External reset control is provided by a debounced pushbutton reset input. The LTC1235 powers the active CMOS RAMs with a charge pumped NMOS power switch to achieve low dropout and low supply current. When primary power is lost, auxiliary power, connected to the battery input pin, provides backup power to the RAMs. The LTC1235 can be programmed by a P signal to either back up the RAMs or not.

• Fast (35ns maximum) onboard gating of RAM chip enable signals
• Conditional battery backup extends battery life
• External reset control
• Minimum external component count
• Voltage monitor for power-fail or low-battery warning
• Thermal limiting
• Performance specified over-temperature
• Guaranteed reset assertion at VCC = 1V
• 1.5mA Maximum supply current
• 1µA Maximum standby current

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