LTC2937HUHE#PBF, Схема контроля напряжения, 6 мониторов, 4.5В-16.5В питание, QFN-28

PartNumber: LTC2937HUHE#PBF
Ном. номер: 8043823255
Производитель: Linear Technology
LTC2937HUHE#PBF, Схема контроля напряжения, 6 мониторов, 4.5В-16.5В питание, QFN-28
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The LTC2937HUHE#PBF is a programmable six channel sequencer and voltage supervisor with EEPROM in 28 pin QFN package. Supplies are enabled or disabled with precise user controlled order and time spacing. To detect power supply output faults during sequencing and monitoring, the LTC2937 accurately monitors supply turn-on/-off delays and output voltage levels. In the event of a fault, response actions include complete power supply shutdown and optional restarts. Root cause of power faults are logged to EEPROM. For systems with high supply count, a simple single wire connection between multiple LTC2937 devices allows sequencing expansion to 300 supplies. After successful sequencing and supply voltage stabilization, the reset output pulls high to initiate microprocessor or other system activity. It is typically used in network servers, data storage systems, telecom equipments and high availability computer systems.

• Wide input supply voltage range from 2.9V to 16.5V
• Time and event based sequencing
• 12 programmable undervoltage and overvoltage comparators (±0.75% accuracy)
• I2C/SMBus interface and stalled power supply detection
• Single wire synchronization allows controller expansion to 50 devices (300 power supplies)
• Configuration and fault logging in EEPROM
• EEPROM specified over entire temperature range, rated to 125°C, 10K writes, 20yr retention
• Supported by LTpowerPlay GUI fault and system status registers
• Reset output with programmable delay
• Operating temperature range from -40°C to 125°C

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