LTC3106IFE#PBF, Импульсный понижающий-повышающий DC-DC стабилизатор, регулируемый, 850мВ-5.1В (Vin), 1.8В-5В/300мА

PartNumber: LTC3106IFE#PBF
Ном. номер: 8025457094
Производитель: Linear Technology
LTC3106IFE#PBF, Импульсный понижающий-повышающий DC-DC стабилизатор, регулируемый, 850мВ-5.1В (Vin), 1.8В-5В/300мА
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The LTC3106IFE#PBF is a 300mA low voltage buck-boost converter with integrated PowerPath manager in 20 pin TSSOP package. This highly integrated, dual input ultra-low voltage buck-boost DC to DC converter is optimized for multisource and low power systems. At no load, the LTC3106 draws only 1.6µA while creating an output voltage up to 5V from either input source. If the primary power source is unavailable, the LTC3106 seamlessly switches to back-up power source. The device is compatible with either rechargeable or primary cell batteries and can trickle charge a backup battery whenever there is an energy surplus available. Optional maximum power point control ensures power transfer is optimized between power source and load. The output voltage and back-up voltage (VSTORE) are programmed digitally by reducing required number of external components. It is typically used in wireless sensor networks energy harvesting and remote sensors.

• VIN maximum operating voltage of 5.1V and shutdown current (VIN) of 300nA (VSTORE = 0V, RUN = 0)
• Operating temperature range from -40°C to 125°C
• Ultra-low start-up voltage of 850mV starts with no back-up source, 300mV with back-up source
• Digitally selectable VOUT and VSTORE, burst mode operation and accurate RUN pin threshold
• Output voltage range from 1.8V to 5V
• Power good output voltage indicator and selectable peak current limit of 90mA/650mA
• Regulated output with VIN or VSTORE above, below or equal to output
• Thermal shutdown as well as user selectable back-up power and output voltages
• Optional back-up battery trickle charger
• Shelf mode disconnect function to preserve battery shelf life

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