LTC4365CTS8#TRMPBF, Supp Protection Controller, 2.5V to 34V supply, TSOT-23-8

PartNumber: LTC4365CTS8#TRMPBF
Ном. номер: 8038556661
Производитель: Linear Technology
LTC4365CTS8#TRMPBF, Supp Protection Controller, 2.5V to 34V supply, TSOT-23-8
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The LTC4365CTS8#TRMPBF is an overvoltage under-voltage and reverse Supply Protection Controller that protects applications where power supply input voltages may be too high, too low or even negative. It does this by controlling the gate voltages of a pair of external N-channel MOSFETs to ensure that the output stays within a safe operating range. The LTC4365 can withstand voltages between -40 and 60V and has an operating range of 2.5 to 34V, while consuming only 125µA in normal operation. Two comparator inputs allow configuration of the overvoltage (OV) and under-voltage (UV) set points using an external resistive divider. A shutdown pin provides external control for enabling and disabling the MOSFETs as well as placing the device in a low current shutdown state. A fault output provides status of the gate pin pulling low. A fault is indicated when the part is in shutdown or the input voltage is outside the UV and OV set points.

• Overvoltage protection to 60V
• Reverse supply protection to -40V
• Blocks 50 and 60Hz AC power
• No input capacitor or TVS required for most applications
• Adjustable under-voltage and overvoltage protection range
• Charge pump enhances external N-channel MOSFET
• Low operating current (125µA)
• Low shutdown current (10µA)

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Datasheet LTC4365CTS8#TRMPBF