LTC6900CS5#TRMPBF, Таймер, кварцевый генератор и генератор импульсов, 3МГц, 2.7В до 5.5В, TSOT-23-5

PartNumber: LTC6900CS5#TRMPBF
Ном. номер: 8101645515
Производитель: Linear Technology
LTC6900CS5#TRMPBF, Таймер, кварцевый генератор и генератор импульсов, 3МГц, 2.7В до 5.5В, TSOT-23-5
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The LTC6900CS5#TRMPBF is a Low Power 1kHz to 20MHz Resistor Set Oscillator that is easy to use and occupies very little PC board space. The oscillator frequency is programmed by a single external resistor (RSET). The LTC6900 has been designed for high accuracy operation (<=1.5% frequency="" error)="" without="" the="" need="" for="" external="" trim="" components.="" the="" ltc6900="" operates="" with="" a="" single="" 2.7="" to="" 5.5v="" power="" supply="" and="" provides="" a="" rail-to-rail, ="" 50%="" duty="" cycle="" square="" wave="" output.="" the="" cmos="" output="" driver="" ensures="" fast="" rise/fall="" times="" and="" rail-to-rail="" switching.="" the="" frequency-setting="" resistor="" can="" vary="" from="" 10kr="" to="" 2mr="" to="" select="" a="" master="" oscillator="" frequency="" between="" 100khz="" and="" 20mhz="" (5v="" supply).="" the="" three-state="" div="" input="" determines="" whether="" the="" master="" clock="" is="" divided="" by="" 1, ="" 10="" or="" 100="" before="" driving="" the="" output, ="" providing="" three="" frequency="" ranges="" spanning="" 1khz="" to="" 20mhz="" (5v=""></=1.5%>

• One external resistor sets the frequency
• 1kHz to 20MHz Frequency range
• 500µA Typical supply current (VS = 3V, 3MHz)
• <=1.5% maximum="" frequency="" error="" (5khz="" to="" 10mhz, ="" ta=""></=1.5%>
• <=2% maximum="" frequency="" error="" (5khz="" to="" 10mhz, ="" ta="0" to=""></=2%>
• ±40ppm/°C Temperature stability
• 0.04%/V Supply stability
• 50% ±1% Duty cycle (1kHz to 2MHz)
• 50% ±5% Duty cycle (2 to 10MHz)
• Fast start-up time (50µs to 1.5ms)
• 100R CMOS output driver
• Operates from a single-supply

Полупроводники - Микросхемы\Таймеры, Генераторы и Управление Частотой\Таймеры, Осцилляторы и Импульсные Генераторы

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