LXML-PWN2, Neutral-White 200lm 700mA 4100K, Светодиод

PartNumber: LXML-PWN2
Ном. номер: 9000359433
Производитель: Lumileds
LXML-PWN2, Neutral-White 200lm 700mA 4100K, Светодиод
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Lumileds LUXEON Rebel Series LEDs
The LUXEON Rebel series, from Lumileds, are high quality, reliable LEDs. They offer design flexibility with high performance, making it easier to create energy efficient luminaires.

LUXEON Rebel General purpose white LEDs
The LUXEON Rebel white LEDs are suitable for a very wide variety of lighting applications. They produce a quality white light output and are a popular choice for lighting and illumination designs. The white LEDs deliver usable light and a higher flux density. Suitable applications include shops, offices, outdoor areas and hotels.

LUXEON Rebel Colour LEDs
There is a wide variety of colours available from this family of LEDs. They offer saturated colours from a high quality and reliable LED. The colours include; green, cyan, blue, royal-blue, red, red-orange, PC amber and amber. The LUXEON Rebel coloured LEDs are idea for transforming architecture, stages, dining, entertainment venues and branding.

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