M/33/2/732, Reed switch for 32-40mm r

PartNumber: M/33/2/732
Ном. номер: 8101699314
Производитель: Norgren
M/33/2/732, Reed switch for 32-40mm r
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Reed Switches

Compact cylindrical units
Simple, reliable switching with very fast response times
Mounting band required for 25mm bore cylinder

M46000, диам. 25-40 мм M46000 25-32mm Diameter
This new design of Lintra rodless cylinders combines operational versatility with cost effective actuation in a space-saving design., A slotted extruded aluminium tube enables the piston to connect to the driving carriage to allow the cylinder to fit in a space little more than the stroke and to work within its own length. This makes them particularly suitable for applications where space is restricted or where installation parallel to the work is preferable., An integral carriage guide incorporated on each cylinder ensures these cylinders are able to handle larger axial and radial loads without the need for external guides., Typical applications include mechanical handling, screen printing machines, traversing, door operation, gantries, feeding and positioning, raising and lowering of lifting platforms, the control of welding and spray painting equipment etc.

Pneumatics, Hydraulics & Power Transmission

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