MA10/I/2, Lightning & RFI protectio

PartNumber: MA10/I/2
Ном. номер: 8035287762
Производитель: MTL Instruments
MA10/I/2, Lightning & RFI protectio
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Lightning and RFI Protectors

Meets BS 6651: 1992 Appendix C for Lightning protection
Fully tested to IEC1000-4-5 and IEC1000-4-6 these hybrid protectors provide a low let-through voltage whilst exhibiting high RFI attenuation (maximum 73dB at 5MHz)
Designed to repeatedly handle surges of up to 6000V and 3000A
Auto-resetting they require no maintenance
Available in 5 and 10A versions at 240V
Lightning barriers should be used on power supplies feeding critical electronic control equipment (PLCs, process control instrumentation, CNC machines, etc.) and they should be located close to the equipment they are to protect

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Operating Voltage 250V a.c. max.
Maximum Surge Current Withstand Capability: 6500A (8/20μs)
BS 6651: 1992, Appendix C Location Category: Category C (Medium Exposure)
BS 6651: 1992, Appendix C Let-through Voltage: <680V

Монтируемые на шасси с защитой от переходного напряжения

Passive Components

Технические параметры

Максимально допустимое напряжение
240 V ac
Minimum Operating Temperature
Maximum Current Rating
максимальная рабочая температура