MA9720070, M12 square hand hole cutt

PartNumber: MA9720070
Ном. номер: 8049289962
Производитель: Deltron
MA9720070, M12 square hand hole cutt
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Square, Rectangular and Radius Hole Cutters
Square, rectangular and radius (rounded corner) hole cutters suitable for use on mild steel (28 tons/in 2 uts max) up to 1.6mm (16 swg) and aluminium up to 2mm (14 swg) except as marked * (in which case capacity is 18 swg/1.22mm mild steel)

Long life punches with minimum burr, distortion or surface damage
Easy to dismantle - slugs drop freely out of die
Most punches can be used with the hydraulic pump/cylinder Stock no 605-223 or hydraulic hand punch kit Stock no 388-3628 up to 35mm/1 1/4 in diameter (See comparison table for exceptions). Not suitable for lever presses
Ball race included

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Пробойники - квадратные, прамоугольные, радиальные


Технические параметры

режущая способность
Mild Steel: 1.6 mm; Aluminium: 2 mm
Форма отверстия
диаметр отверстия (мм)
32.5 x 32.5mm
операция (работа)
Hand; Hydraulic