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MAX328EPE+, Аналоговый мультиплексор/ демультиплексор, 8:1, 1 схема, 3.5кОм, 10В до 30В, ±5В до ±18В, DIP-16

Ном. номер: 8203454975
PartNumber: MAX328EPE+
Производитель: Maxim Semiconductor
MAX328EPE+, Аналоговый мультиплексор/ демультиплексор, 8:1, 1 схема, 3.5кОм, 10В до 30В, ±5В до ±18В, DIP-16
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The MAX328EPE+ from Maxim Integrated Products is an ultra low leakage monolithic CMOS analogue multiplexer in 16 pin DIP package. The MAX328 is a single ended 8 channel multiplexer is designed to provide the lowest possible on and off leakages, this device switches signals from high source impedance providing the mux operates on high input impedance op-amp or A/D converter. Adding an external 40Kohm resistor to each input makes the MAX328 an excellent fault-tolerant multiplexer. Low leakage and 3.5Kohm on-resistance allows the circuit to sustain 110V AC faults indefinitely while maintaining an error of less than 40nV for normal signals. The MAX328 work equally well with a single supply of 10V to 30V or dual supplies of ±5V to ±18V. It also perform well with unbalanced combinations of supply voltage such as +12V and -5V or +5V and -15V. Typical applications include control systems, data logging systems, aircraft heads-up displays, data acquisition systems and signal routing.

• Bidirectional operation can be used as mux or demux
• Operating temperature range from -40°C to +85°C
• TTL and CMOS logic compatibility
• Analogue signal range includes power supply rails
• Switching speed is less than 1.5µs
• Latch-up proof construction
• Low power dissipation of 1.9mW with ±15V supplies
• Charge injection is 5pC at VA = 0V

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Datasheet MAX328EPE+

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