MAX4359EWG+, Матричный коммутатор, видео, 4x4 массив, параллельный, последовательный, ±4.5В до ±5.5В питание

PartNumber: MAX4359EWG+
Ном. номер: 8628153522
Производитель: Maxim Semiconductor
MAX4359EWG+, Матричный коммутатор, видео, 4x4 массив, параллельный, последовательный, ±4.5В до ±5.5В питание
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The MAX4359EWG+ is a low cost 4x4 video crosspoint switch in 24 pin WSOIC package. This device is designed to reduce component count, board space, design time and system cost. It contains matrix of T-switches that connect any of its four video inputs to any of its buffered outputs in any combination. Each matrix output is buffered by an internal, high speed (250V/µs slew rate), unity gain amplifier that is capable of driving 400 ohm and 20pF at 2.6VP-P. For applications requiring increased drive capability, the MAX4359 outputs can be buffered with MAX4395 quad operational amplifier. Three state output capability and internal, programmable active loads make it feasible to parallel multiple devices to form larger switch arrays. The inputs and outputs are on opposite sides and quiet power supply or digital input line separates each channel which reduces crosstalk to 70dB at 5MHz.

• Operating supply voltage is ±4.5V to ±5.5V
• Operating temperature range from -40°C to 85°C
• Supports serial or parallel digital interface
• Small signal -3dB bandwidth of 65MHz and voltage gain of 1V/V at TA = +25°C
• Three state output capability and expandable for larger switch matrices
• Routes any input channel to any output channel
• Supply current (all buffers on, no external load) of 20mA at TA = +25°C
• Channel off isolation of 80dB at 5MHz & power supply rejection ratio of 64dB at ±4.5V to ±5.5V
• Buffer offset voltage of ±1mV at TA = +25°C and offset voltage drift of 20µV/°C
• Straight through pin-outs simplify layout

Полупроводники - Микросхемы\Аналоговые Мультиплексоры / Демультиплексоры\Матричные Коммутаторы

Технические параметры

Минимальная Рабочая Температура
-40 C
Максимальная Рабочая Температура
85 C
Максимальное Напряжение Питания
Минимальное Напряжение Питания
Количество Выводов
Корпус Цифровой ИС
Интерфейс Контроля
Параллельный, Последовательный
Тип Узла Переключения

Дополнительная информация

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