MAX5035DASA+, Понижающий DC-DC преобразователь, Uвх до 76В, Iвых=1А, MAXPower [SOIC-8]

Ном. номер: 925656910
Артикул: MAX5035DASA+
Производитель: Maxim Integrated Products
MAX5035DASA+, Понижающий DC-DC преобразователь, Uвх до 76В, Iвых=1А, MAXPower [SOIC-8]
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The MAX5035DASA+ is a MAXPower high-efficiency Step-down DC-DC Converter operates from an input voltage up to 76V and consumes only 270µA quiescent current at no load. This pulse-width modulated (PWM) converter operates at a fixed 125kHz switching frequency at heavy loads and automatically switches to pulse-skipping mode to provide low quiescent current and high efficiency at light loads. The MAX5035 includes internal frequency compensation simplifying circuit implementation. The device uses an internal low on-resistance, high-voltage, DMOS transistor to obtain high efficiency and reduce overall system cost. This device includes under-voltage lockout, cycle-by-cycle current limit, hiccup mode output short-circuit protection and thermal shutdown. The MAX5035 delivers up to 1A output current.

• Efficiency up to 94%
• Internal 0.4R high-side DMOS FET
• 350µA quiescent current at no load and 10µA shutdown current
• Internal frequency compensation
• Thermal shutdown and short-circuit current limit

Технические параметры

Тип преобразователя
Диапазон входных напряжений, В
Диапазон выходных напряжений, В
Максимальный выходной ток, А
Рабочая частота, кГц
Температурный диапазон, C
Тип корпуса
Вес, г

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Datasheet MAX5035DASA+
SMD справочник
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