MAX5090AATE+, Buck (Step Down) Switching Regulator, Fixed, 6.5V-76Vin, 3.3V/2A out, 127 kHz, TQFN-16

PartNumber: MAX5090AATE+
Ном. номер: 8090705198
Производитель: Maxim Semiconductor
MAX5090AATE+, Buck (Step Down) Switching Regulator, Fixed, 6.5V-76Vin, 3.3V/2A out, 127 kHz, TQFN-16
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The MAX5090AATE+ is a high efficiency MAXPower step down DC to DC converter in 16 pin TQFN package. This easy to use, high voltage converter operates from an input voltage range of 6.5V to 76V and consumes only 310µA quiescent current at no load. This PWM converter operates at fixed 127KHz switching frequency at heavy loads and automatically switches to pulse skipping mode to provide low quiescent current and high efficiency at light loads. The MAX5090A includes internal frequency compensation simplifying circuit implementation. The device can also be synchronized with external system clock frequency in a noise sensitive application. It uses an internal low on-resistance and high voltage DMOS transistor to obtain high efficiency and reduce overall system cost. The MAX5090A includes undervoltage lockout, cycle by cycle current limit, hiccup mode output short circuit protection and overtemperature shutdown. External shutdown is included with 19µA shutdown current.

• Fixed output voltage of 3.3V and output current of 2A
• Automotive temperature range from -40°C to 125°C
• Designed to withstand harsh automotive environments
• Internal 0.26ohm high side DMOSFET
• Efficiency of 80% (VIN = 12V, IOUT = 1A)
• Internal frequency compensation
• External frequency synchronization
• Thermal shutdown and short circuit current limit
• Capable of dissipating 2.67W at +70°C
• Maximum duty cycle of 95% (VIN = 6.5V to 76V, VOUT <=></=>

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Datasheet MAX5090AATE+