MAXREFDES150#, Development Platform, Pocket IO PLC, Integrates a Total of 30 IO's, Power Efficient

PartNumber: MAXREFDES150#
Ном. номер: 8078797532
Производитель: Maxim Semiconductor
MAXREFDES150#, Development Platform, Pocket IO PLC, Integrates a Total of 30 IO's, Power Efficient
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Maxim's new Pocket IO™ development platform is a reference design integrating a total of 30 IO's consisting of four analog inputs, one analog output, eight digital inputs, eight digital outputs, two RS485 (Profibus-capable field busses), three encoder motor-control ports, and four 10-Linkc'J masters. Maxim's Pocket 10 technology demonstration platform shows how analog integration can enable lower heat dissipation and faster throughput in a footprint that is less than ten cubic inches. Pocket 10 connectivity is through USB or its own Wi-Fi: B: · network. Code can be developed to run on the Intel@ Edison using the popular and easy to use open-source Arduino@ software IDE.

• Two analog input channels ±12V, 24-bit ADC
• Two analog input channels ±24mA, 24-bit ADC
• Analog output channel OV to +12V, 16-bit DAC
• Eight digital input channels 36V (max) configurable for IE('.~ 61131-2 input types 1, 2, and 3
• Eight digital output chan nels; 640mA high-side switches or 640mA push-pull at 24V
• Two RS-485 COM ports; half-duplex up to 42Mbps data rate
• Three DC-motor controllers: 9V to 32V full-bridge DC-motor drivers, up to 2.5A peak motor current (separate power supply)
• Three incremental encoder interface for RS-422, HTL or TTL
• Four IO-Link master ports with M12 female connectors
• Fully IO-Link version 1.1 compliant (downloadable test report)
• TEConcept IO-Link master stack
• Easy TEConcept control tool (CT) GUI software with IODD file import capability

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