MC14489BPE, Драйвер 7-и сегментных светодиодных дисплеев, [DIP-20]

Артикул: MC14489BPE
Ном. номер: 9020002174
Производитель: Freescale
Фото 1/2 MC14489BPE, Драйвер 7-и сегментных светодиодных дисплеев, [DIP-20]
Фото 2/2 MC14489BPE, Драйвер 7-и сегментных светодиодных дисплеев, [DIP-20]
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The MC14489BPE is a multi-character LED Display/Lamp Driver which directly interfaces to individual lamps, 7-segment displays or various combinations of both. LEOs wired with common cathodes are driven in a multiplexed-by-5 fashion. Communication with an MCUIMPU is established through a synchronous serial port. The MC14489B features data retention plus decode and scan circuitry, thus relieving processor overhead. A single, current -setting resistor is the only ancillary component required. A special technique allows driving 5-1/2 digits. A configuration register allows the drive capability to be partitioned off to suit many additional applications. The on-chip decoder outputs 7-segment-format numerals 0 to 9, hexadecimal characters A to F, plus 15 letters and symbols. The MC14489B is compatible with the NXP SPI and National MI-CRO-WIRETM serial data ports.

• Current sources controlled by single resistor provide anode drive
• Low-resistance FET switches provide direct common cathode interface
• Low-power mode (extinguishes the LEDs) and brightness controlled via serial port
• Special circuitry minimizes EMI when display is driven and eliminates EMI in low-power mode
• Power-on reset (POR) blanks the display on power-up, independent of supply ramp up time
• May be used with double-heterojunction LEDs for optimum efficiency

Техническая документация

MC14489B datasheet
pdf, 2237 КБ

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Datasheet MC14489BPE