MC79L05ABDG, Регулятор отрицательного напряжения, 0.1А, -5В

Артикул: MC79L05ABDG
Ном. номер: 2788234871
Производитель: ON Semiconductor
MC79L05ABDG, Регулятор отрицательного напряжения, 0.1А, -5В
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The MC79L05ABDG is an inexpensive easy-to-use Negative Voltage Regulator with -5V nominal voltage. This device is suitable for numerous applications requiring up to 100mA. Like the higher powered negative regulator, it features thermal shutdown and current limiting, making it remarkably rugged. In most applications, no external components are required for operation. The device is useful for on-card regulation or any other application where a regulated negative voltage at a modest current level is needed. This regulator offers substantial advantage over the common resistor/Zener diode approach.

• No external components required

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Datasheet MC79L05ABDG
Datasheet MC79L05ABDG