MCPC2450E, SSR & Phase control 240Va

PartNumber: MCPC2450E
Ном. номер: 8105569174
Производитель: Crydom
MCPC2450E, SSR & Phase control 240Va
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MCPC - Phase Angle Controller
Phase angle controller/SSR in one package. Ideal for any soft start / stop application requiring load control at multiple power levels for example heating elements, lamp brightness or motor speed (e.g. of a fan). The custom MCS / PC SSR provides the same ramp function as the standard MCS series, but an additional phase control function was added to the relay. The customer can therefore specify the amount of power they want applied to the load, then gradually ramp to that setting. If the power level is adjusted during operation, the relay will then gradually ramp to that new setting.

Provides a portion of each AC sine wave to control the amount of power delivered to an electrical load, with the percentage of power delivered determined by the input value
Reduced wiring and components in the panel saves time, cost and space
0 - 100% control range
Output status LED (Load Open, No Voltage)
Separate Output Enable/Disable control
SCR output

Heat sink not included. For load current de-rating and heat sink details see manufacturers datasheet

Proportional and Power

Temperature can affect current rating; please consult the data sheet for potential derating.


Технические параметры

45.7 x 58.4 x 19.8mm
Maximum Control Voltage
32 V dc
максимальный ток нагрузки
50 A
максимальное напряжение нагрузки
280 V rms
минимальный ток нагрузки
150 mA
тип монтажа
Screw mount
интервал рабочих температур
-20 → +80°C
тип контакта
Switching Type
DC Switching
Minimum Load Voltage
180 V rms
Minimum Control Voltage
8 V dc
Control Voltage Range
8 → 32 V dc
Load Voltage Range
180 → 280 V rms

Дополнительная информация

MCPC Series Data Sheet MCPC2450E