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Фото 1/2 MF-USMF050-2
Фото 2/2 MF-USMF050-2
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MF-USMF Series

Fast tripping resettable circuit protection
Surface mount packaging for automated assembly
Small footprint size (1210)

Технология поверхностного монтажа (плавкие предохранители) Surface Mount Technology

Resettable fuses are designed for the protection of electrical and electronic circuits against excessive currents. They switch rapidly from a low resistance to very high resistance state under electrical overload or short circuit conditions, and feature automatic reset and return to low resistance state when fault condition ceases and power is removed.

Maintenance free automatic reset for thousands of cycles
Small size and no fuseholder required

Main applications

Security systems
Power supplies and transformers
Power switching devices
Automotive and medical equipment
Instrumentation and control
Computers and peripherals
Audio visual and telecommunications

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Datasheet MF-USMF050-2