MFB50E05, FAN, 50MM, 5VDC

PartNumber: MFB50E05
Ном. номер: 8000140061
Производитель: Sepa
MFB50E05, FAN, 50MM, 5VDC
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The MFB50E05 is a SEPA® high-tech Miniature Axial Fan for industrial or automotive use and has a remarkable air flow performance despite its small dimensions. Thanks to the extremely low power input, this fan is highly suitable for battery-operated devices. It is permanently protected electrically against reverse polarity, blocking and thermal overloading. Due to the low rotor weight and precision balancing, it is virtually vibration-free. It is also insensitive to shock. Further features of this fan are its extremely robust and torsionally stiff plastic housing of PBT, ball bearings with narrow tolerances, of special steel, polyester-based PCB and absolute reliability due to a 100% burn-in.

• High-capacity standard fan
• Extended temperature range
• Virtually no premature failure thanks to burn-In
• High resistance to shock and vibration
• High air flow of 169 l/min (5VDC) up to 238 l/min (12VDC)
• Maximum reliability thanks to 100% burn-In
• Two shielded ball bearings
• Integrated polarity reversal and anti-blocking protection
• Pulse-output optional (A)
• Virtually vibration-free thanks to lightweight rotor and precision balancing

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