MGA-81563-BLKG, RF DRIVER AMP, 0.1 6GHZ, SMD, 81563

PartNumber: MGA-81563-BLKG
Ном. номер: 8062362251
Производитель: Broadcom Limited
MGA-81563-BLKG, RF DRIVER AMP, 0.1 6GHZ, SMD, 81563
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The MGA-81563-BLKG is a 3V 14dBm RF Amplifier which operates between 0.1 to 6GHz. It is easy-to-use GaAs MMIC amplifier that offers excellent power and low noise figure. The output of the amplifier is matched to 50R (better than 2.1: 1 VSWR) across the entire bandwidth. The input is partially matched to 50R (better than 2.5: 1 VSWR) below 4GHz and fully matched to 50R (better than 2: 1 VSWR) above. A simple series inductor can be added to the input to improve the input match below 4GHz. The amplifier allows a wide dynamic range by offering a 2.7dB NF coupled with a +27dBm output IP3. The circuit uses state-of-the-art PHEMT technology with proven reliability. On-chip bias circuitry allows operation from a single +3V power supply, while resistive feedback ensures stability (K>1) over all frequencies and temperatures.

• 14.8dBm P1dB at 2.0GHz, 17dBm Psat at 2.0GHz
• Unconditionally stable

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Datasheet MGA-81563-BLKG