MIC2841AYMT TR, Драйвер светодиода, 4 выхода, линейный, 3В-5.5В (Vin), 500кГц, MLF-10

PartNumber: MIC2841AYMT TR
Ном. номер: 8111735564
Производитель: Micrel Semiconductor
MIC2841AYMT TR, Драйвер светодиода, 4 выхода, линейный, 3В-5.5В (Vin), 500кГц, MLF-10
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The MIC2841AYMT TR is a 4-channel high efficiency linear white LED (WLED) Driver designed to drive up to four WLEDs, greatly extending battery life for many applications. The MIC2841A provides the highest possible efficiency as this architecture has no switching losses present in traditional charge pumps or inductive boost circuits. The MIC2841A provides four linear driver channels which maintain constant current for up to four WLEDs. It features a typical dropout of 40mV at 20mA. This allows the WLEDs to be driven directly from the battery eliminating switching noise/losses present with the use of boost circuitry. The MIC2841A features Dynamic Average Matching™ (DAM™) which is specifically designed to provide optimum matching across all WLEDs. The four channels are matched better than ±1.5% typical, ensuring uniform display illumination under all conditions. The brightness is controlled through an Ultra Fast PWM™ interface operating down to less than 1% duty cycle.

• High efficiency (no voltage boost losses)
• Matching better than ±1.5% typical
• Current accuracy better than ±1.5% typical
• Maintains proper regulation regardless of how many channels are utilized

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