MIKROE-1201, mikroBus Click add-on 2-d

PartNumber: MIKROE-1201
Ном. номер: 8011479315
Производитель: mikroElektronika
MIKROE-1201, mikroBus Click add-on 2-d
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7seg click mikroBUS™
The Click accessory modules plug into the mikroBUS sockets in MikroElektronika microcontroller development boards. The 7seg click is easy to use and lets you add a two digit seven segment display to your device. It features two 74HC595 shift register ICs, green power LED and SMD jumper.

Click MikroBUS™ Boards Audio and Video Switches, New Japan Radio
MikroElektronika has designed a range of boards to add new functions and enhance the development of your applications using the mikroBUS™ pinout standard socket. All in one click!
Click™ boards can add a range of sensing, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, extra memory, UART communications, audio and much more functionality to your designs. Some boards also act as extensions for development platforms such as the Beaglebone, Arduino Uno and Raspberry Pi.


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7 seg click MIKROE-1201
mikroBUS Standard Specification MIKROE-1201