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MIKROE-2036, Heart Rate 3 Click Board

PartNumber: MIKROE-2036
Ном. номер: 8000094685
Производитель: mikroElektronika
MIKROE-2036, Heart Rate 3 Click Board
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Heart Rate 3 click mikroBUS™
The MikroElektronika Heart Rate 3 Click Board is an accessory board that provides a simple method of adding heart rate and pulse oximetry measurement hardware to a development platform.<BR/><BR/>Like all Click Boards the Heart Rate 3 Click fits the popular mikroBUS™ socket, creating a plug-in solution to add functionality, removing the need for hardware configuration.<BR/><BR/>The Heart Rate 3 Click Board utilises an Osram SFH7050 BioMon Sensor in combination with a TI AFE4404 Analogue Front End Maxim to take readings from a fingertip.<BR/><BR/>The SFH7050 emits green, red and infrared light from two LEDs into the skin, with the amount absorbed by the capillary blood sensed by a photodetector. The variation of the readings over time indicate the pulsing of blood, therefore the heart rate. Oxygen saturation can also be captured.<BR/><BR/>The AFE4404 then processes the data captured by the sensor, communicating with the target MCU over I2C. The AFE4404 is configurable and can be adapted for different lighting conditions and skin tones.

Click board comes with the header strips soldered.


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Sensor Technology
Heart Rate Sensor
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Heart Rate 3 Click
Featured Device
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