MKL27Z64VLH4, Микроконтроллер ARM, Kinetis серия L крайне малой мощности, Kinetis ARM Cortex-M0+ Microcontrollers

PartNumber: MKL27Z64VLH4
Ном. номер: 8065831495
Производитель: NXP Semiconductor
MKL27Z64VLH4, Микроконтроллер ARM, Kinetis серия L крайне малой мощности, Kinetis ARM Cortex-M0+ Microcontrollers
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The MKL27Z64VLH4 is a 32-bit Kinetis KL2x Ultra-low-power Microcontroller with USB control, based on ARM Cortex-M0+ RISC architecture core operates at a maximum frequency of 48MHz. The device incorporates 64kB internal flash, 16kB boot ROM, 16kB internal RAM, one 16-bit SAR A/D converter, one 6-bit D/A converter, general purpose PWM and 51 general-purpose I/O pins. This device also features communication interfaces like three UART modules, two SPI modules and two I2C modules.

• 48MHz ARM Cortex-M0+ core
• 32Byte Backup register
• 4-channel Asynchronous DMA controller and Watchdog
• Low-leakage wakeup unit
• 2-pin Serial wire debug (SWD) programming and debug interface
• Micro trace buffer
• Bit manipulation engine
• Interrupt controller
• 48MHz High accuracy (up to 0.5%) internal reference clock
• 1kHz Reference clock active under all low-power modes (except VLLS0)
• 32 to 40KHz and 3 to 32MHz Crystal oscillator
• USB Full-speed 2.0 device controller supporting crystal-less operation
• One UART module supporting ISO7816, operating up to 1.5Mbps
• Two low-power UART modules supporting asynchronous operation in low-power modes
• Two I2C modules and I2C0 supporting up to 1Mbps
• Two 16-bit SPI modules supporting up to 24Mbps
• One FlexIO module and One serial audio interface I2S
• High-speed analog comparator containing a 6-bit DAC for programmable reference input
• 1.2V Internal voltage reference
• 6-channel Timer/PWM module

Полупроводники - Микросхемы\Микроконтроллеры - MCU\Микроконтроллеры 16 / 32 бита - MCU - ARM

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Линия Продукции
Kinetis ARM Cortex-M0+ Microcontrollers
Максимальное Напряжение Питания
Минимальное Напряжение Питания
Количество Выводов
Количество Бит
Количество I/O
Скорость ЦПУ
Стиль Корпуса Микроконтроллера
Размер Памяти
Тип Встроенного Интерфейса
Размер Памяти RAM
ARM Cortex-M0+

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Datasheet MKL27Z64VLH4
Datasheet MKL27Z64VLH4