MNGC25FILMF-D, 25 way filter D adaptor,5

PartNumber: MNGC25FILMF-D
Ном. номер: 8058512104
Производитель: Grand-Tek Technology
MNGC25FILMF-D, 25 way filter D adaptor,5
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Filtered Adaptor

Provides equipment with effective EMC
Incorporates 1000pF ceramic capacitors
Designed as a plug and socket interface to fit any standard sub-miniature D connectors

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Current rating 5A max.
Working voltage 100Vdc
Attenuation 20dB min. @ 100MHz
Operating temperature range-25°C to +125°C

Two 4-40 UNC jack screws

Разъемы типа 'D' - адаптеры с фильтрацией Filtered 'D' Adaptors

Designed to limit cable borne EMI via a 1000pF capacitor from each contact to ground
Enhances rejection levels in VHF & UHF bands
Bright tin finish on steel backshells shields against RFI/EMI and the potted construction allows use in hazardous environments
Gold plated turned pin contacts
Suitable for military, industrial or commercial applications and computer interfacing etc.


Технические параметры

для использования с
25 Position D-sub Connector
Accessory Type