MOCT41-12-A, Clamp oldham coupler,12mm

PartNumber: MOCT41-12-A
Ном. номер: 8026189790
Производитель: Ruland
MOCT41-12-A, Clamp oldham coupler,12mm
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Ruland Oldham Coupling Hub - Clamp Style
Ruland Clamp Style Oldham Couplings are ideally suited to enable shafts to be coupled with a small amount of axial and angular misalignment present. The three-piece design consists of two hubs linked by a centre torque disc. The Clamp Style Hubs are manufactured from black anodised aluminium, with replaceable centre discs manufactured from acetal or nylon. Oldham couplings are ideal for light industrial and motion control applications, and, due to their unique design, Oldham couplings offer the ability to protect machinery from torque overload forces (acting as torque limiters), with centre discs that are able to break cleanly.

Not supplied as a complete unit; 2 Hubs and 1Torque Disc required per assembly.

Крестовые муфты Ruland Ruland Oldham Style Couplings
Paradrive™ couplings are ideal for motion control applications, especially those utilising stepper or servo motors. Their low inertia design is ideally suited to higher speed applications and where electrical isolation is also required. Small angular and axial misalignments may be accommodated.

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Ruland Oldham Couplings MOCT41-12-A