MP3429, Galv. Steel Mounting Plat

PartNumber: MP3429
Ном. номер: 8092687329
Производитель: Fibox
MP3429, Galv. Steel Mounting Plat
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Mounting accessories for TEMPO Enclosures
A range of accessories for the TEMPO enclosures.

Mounting plates made from galvanized steel, sheet thickness 1.5mm
Wall fastening lug (2 pcs), including screws
Cover screw set (stock no. 104-133 only)
Ventilation device IP30
Draining plug

Tempo Accessories
ref.descriptionStock no.
MP 1912Mounting plate 140 x 100 mm104-133
MP 2016Mounting plate 155 x 140 mm104-127
MP 2419Mounting plate 210 x 160 mm104-111
MP 2924Mounting plate 265 x 215 mm104-105
MP 3429Mounting plate 315 x 265 mm104-098
FP 10674Wall brackets: 2-part with mounting screws104-054
MBS HHCover screws (only for Tempo 1912)104-048
MB 10631Ventilation device (IP 33)104-032
MB 12189Drain Plug104-082

АВС корпуса ABS Enclosures
All have a flammability rating of UL94-HB.

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