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MS511-20, Drawn RF PCB shielding 51

PartNumber: MS511-20
Ном. номер: 8000129722
Производитель: Masach Technologies
MS511-20, Drawn RF PCB shielding 51
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Masach Drawn RF PCB shielding
The MS series of EMI/RFI shielding enclosures from Masach Technologies are constructed as a drawn frame with a snap-on cover. This two part fabrication gives you the option to inspect and repair shielded components without having to remove the entire shield. Two part construction could potentially save tooling costs, and removes the risk of potentially damaging the board. These EMI shields are hermetically sealed and suited to small, medium and large-scale runs. MS series EMI shields are different to standard bent frames and covers that use a manual process to fabricate, as they are tooled.<BR/>A range of sizes offers you maximum flexibility with surface mount configurations in the board design phase where there is the potential for interference.<BR/>The seamless protective cage design enables high shielding effectiveness, while the solid, reliable construction enables resistance to warping during handling and transit. Reflow soldering allows for a higher yield and planarity for these EMI shields.

The Engineering-Kit21 containing a wide range (21 sizes) of Hermetically Sealed Drawn EMI/RFI Shield Standards is also available, see RS Stock No. <a href="/productpage/productpage?stockcode=826-6740"><span class="inlineLink">826-6740</span></a>

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Материал корпуса
Сталь с покрытием из олова
Внутренняя высота
6,5 мм
Внутренняя длина
51,1 мм
Masach Technologies
Внутренняя ширина
38,4 мм
Внутренние размеры
51.1 x 38.4 x 6.5мм

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