MWDM2L-21S-6E5-18, 21w metal shell micro D s

PartNumber: MWDM2L-21S-6E5-18
Ном. номер: 8001091264
Производитель: Glenair
MWDM2L-21S-6E5-18, 21w metal shell micro D s
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Glenair MWDM Series COTS Micro-D Plug and Socket Connectors with Pigtail Wire Termination
MWDM series COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) Micro-D plug and socket connectors with mil spec colour-coded pre-wired pigtail terminations. Their rugged design ensures outstanding performance in extreme conditions, and a high resistance to shock and vibration.

These Micro-D plug and socket connectors have gold plated TwistPin contacts that have a robust design and superior wire attachment resulting in low contact resistance, the sleeves of these TwistPin contacts allow a gas tight crimp to be formed. The bodies of these MWDM Micro-D connectors are made from nickel plated aluminium with an LCP insulator and can withstand up to 125°C operating temperature in demanding environments.

MWDM Micro-D connectors are also environmentally sealed via epoxy sealing and interfacial seals. The wire terminations of these Micro-D plug and socket connectors are 26 AWG and 18 inches in length. (For details of wire colour-coding please refer to datasheet)

450mm (18 inches) of Colour Coded Wiring.

Микро D, шаг 0.05 дюйма Micro D 0.05inch Pitch
Designed for use in electronic systems in commercial and military aerospace, military land and sea and industrial/telecommunication applications, the Micro D connector provides exceptional mechanical and electrical integrity, whilst operating in extreme vibration and environmental conditions.

High Performance, Gold Plated Twist Pin Contact System
3 Amp Contact Rating
High Density.050" Contact Pitch
RoHS Compliant
High Performance Liquid Crystal Polymer moulded connector housing with trapezoidal polarisation.

Cables & Wires

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Connector A
21 Way Female Micro D-Sub
Connector B
Free End
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MWDM Connectors Data Sheet MWDM2L-21S-6E5-18