MX5222, MX Careflo ThermostaticMi

PartNumber: MX5222
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Производитель: Altecnic
MX5222, MX Careflo ThermostaticMi
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Careflo Thermostatic Fail Safe Mixing Valve Careflo Thermostatic Fail Safe Mixing Valve
Thermostatic mixing valves are used to maintain the domestic hot water supplied to the user at a constant and safe temperature, when variations in the hot and cold water supply conditions and draw off flow rates occur.
The mixcal careflo range has been designed for use in care homes and other premises required to provide a duty of care, especially to the young and elderly. The valve is designed primarily for single user outlets including wash basins, showers, baths and bidets but is also suitable for multiple outlet use.

Temperature adjust range: 30 - 50°C
Temperature control: ±2°C
Maximum hot inlet temperature: 85°C
Minimum temperature differential requirement for fail safe: 10°C
Maximum inlet temperature 85°C
Maximum working pressure 10 bar
Temperature adjustment 30-65°C
Body DRZ - chrome plated
Cartridge and Shutter Brass
Springs: Stainless steel
Seals: EPDM

The mixcal careflo fail safe valve has been designed to meeting the requirements of the latest National Health Service model engineering specification D08 and BS 7942: 2000 for use in care homes

Basin, Bath and Shower Valves Basin, Bath & Shower Valves
A range of thermostatically controlled mixer valves all capable of operating with a hot/cold or cold/hot pressure ratio imbalance of up to 10: 1, All units incorporate check valves to prevent cross-flow between supplies, and strainers to reduce damage due to contamination., Connections are via the compression fixings using either 15 or 22mm pipe.

Plumbing & Pipeline

Технические параметры

Материал корпуса
связь (соединение)
22 mm Compression
величина (размер) соединения
максимальное рабочее давление
Thread Standard or Connection Type
Maximum Set Temperature
Minimum Set Temperature
Temperature Setting Range
+30 → +50 °C

Дополнительная информация

5212 Mixcal Careflo Fail Safe Thermostatic Mixing Valve Data Sheet MX5222
5212 Mixcal Careflo Fail Safe Thermostatic Mixing Valve Installation & Maintenance Instructions MX5222